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Graphic design degree

Graphic design degree

Graphic design degree prepares graduates for careers in several fields. In addition to working as graphic designers, graduates may work as production artists, graphic artists, and art directors. By creating layouts that incorporate text and images, graphic designers help advertisers and marketers attract customers and sell products.

Graphic Designer Salary

Earning an online graphic degree prepares graduates for in-demand careers, as many jobs in the field require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum education requirement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an average graphic designer salary earns over $50,000 annually. The flexibility of an online graphic degree appeals to students seeking to balance their studies with professional and personal obligations. Prospective graphic design students can use our ranking of the best online graphic design programs to identify the right program for their interests and professional goals.

Graphic design degree
Graphic design

How long does a graphic design degree take to complete?

A graphic design bachelor’s degree generally takes four years of full-time study to complete. Students with prior college credits or an associate degree can complete the degree in less time.

What is a bachelor’s degree in graphic design?

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design trains students in design software, visual techniques, and the graphic arts. It represents the entry-level education requirement for graphic design jobs.

If you are passionate about design, then this is the right degree for you. The Graphic Design offers you exciting opportunities to develop your skills in global context. Throughout the program, you will learn project-based activities and work with students to ‘feel the real industry environment.’

You will learn to use industry-standard equipment and software tools in studio and graduate with a wide portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge to future employers. As a graphic designer, you will be able to communicate concepts, design solutions, and arguments clearly and concisely through visual, verbal and written means. You will gain functional competence with principles of visual organization to work with 2D and 3D visual elements.

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