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Graphic Design Major

Graphic Design Major

The term graphic design major is related to Art, profession, and academic discipline whose main motive is to convey the specific message through visual communication on social groups, with some main objectives. It starts with creativity, progressive ideas, and innovation.

What Is Graphic Design Major ?

Whatever we see and go through in our daily lives has a lot of Graphic design major implementation, which indicates that graphic designing isn’t only about theoretical work. It involves a lot of practical work. Important majors of graphic designing are,

  • 3D Model Animation
  • Photography
  • Artistic drawing
  • Branding

3D Model Animation

3D modeling has already made its enormous appearance in the world of designing. It is a technique that is used to create a digital representation of any object or surface. 3D designs are almost used in every video related to animation. It is a vast field that is technical and hectic to create, but for professional designers, it is just a piece of cake they create 3d animation models, a class of 3D computer graphics software used to produce 3D models.

This class’s programs are called modeling applications. For PC Wing3D, K3-D, Source Filmmaker, Maya, Cinema 4D, Mixamo, Houdini, some animation apps For Android and iOS like FlipaClip – Cartoon Animation Adobe Spark Animation Desk Classic. The goal of these 3D animations is to create a realistic effect on the image using geometric tools, which is more likely similar to making sculptures.


Graphic design Is incomplete without photography. It is the practice of creating art applications and durable images via digital sensor or film. you need a high-resolution camera to produce a perfect quality image which would be later beneficial for creating interest in your brochures and other graphic material. Photography is Necessary these days; people capture every moment for a lifetime by using a camera. It now has a long-life companion for humans.

There are seven principles of photography in graphic designing, including balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity, and moment. Using this principle will lead to better photograph and bringing up more photographic opportunities. Photography plays a significant role by awarding people for various purposes, and people are attracted more by observing the concept behind it. Without photography, graphic designing is Barren like a dessert. It has a lead role in designing.

Artistic drawing

Art and design have already made their place in the world, and they are more convenient to express their feelings the convey their message. Every soul feels an intense connection with Art. Artistic drawing is the phenomenon of making unique art drawings that have a profound intellectual concept behind them, and the artist will probably hide feeling inside their drawings. In graphic designing, people use illustrations to create an artistic design in traditional and digital forms.

People use illustrations to describe their stories, to convey solid messages for the empowerment of society. Artistic drawing comes in many forms like a charcoal pencil drawing, freehand drawing; many other mediums are used like acrylic, oil paint, Faber-Castell, etc. Illustrations can communicate with the world without even saying a word. The image has the power to say it all.

Besides, artistic drawings are used in the flyer, magazine cover, educational purpose, advertisement of brands catalogs, etc. You can create creative designs by using digital tablets, pc, laptops. Various apps will help you out to create these illustrations uniquely.


In graphic designing, branding is the baseline that means visual identity branding, including product packaging, logo, flyers, and brochures. Every professional brand with the logo they used to advertise their company logos is critical to graphic designing. Making an appealing logo is a necessary and effective step towards your business. There is a massive demand for professional logo designers these days, and you can earn a pretty impressive amount by making unique logos.

Branding is the way of guiding and attracting people towards their product, and for that, you must have an exquisite design idea to attract customers. It is almost used in every tv commercial, and social media platforms advertisement is the best way to grow your business efficiently.

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