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Graphic Design Quotes

Graphic Design Quotes

Graphic Design Quotes

Do Graphic Design Quotes Really Inspire a Graphic Designer? As designing people, our maximum and the best reward is the designs themselves. Graphic design quotes won’t inspire you until you have that love of graphic arts in yourself. Your interest in the field will help you get inspired through quotes when you are demotivated. While on the other hand if you are willing to work for graphic design after you’ve read a few quotes about it without having zero knowledge and interest in the field it won’t work for you at all.

Inspiration can frequently appear elusive and out-of-reach when you want it maximum.

Especially when you’re running on a strict deadline, waking you up into the nighttime wondering, How am I able to make this design layout amazing? Well, in this case, it is good to read out quotes and get inspiration from some famous designers out there with a view to undoubtedly get your mind blown with ideas!

Graphic Design Quotes

Let’s take a look at quotes by some of the most creative designers in history.
Brian Reed: Brian Reed is the front-end developer, musician, and self-declared ‘ghostbuster’. And he says:

“Everything is Designed few things are Designed well”

Brian Reed

This quote reveals the truth that the entirety we engage with is designed, but few matters are designed nicely and with ideas.

Issey Miyake: Issey Miyake is a Japanese-style Graphic designer known for era-driven designs and exhibitions.

“Design is not for Philosophy it is for life”


– says Issey. This quote suggests how vital design is, and the way it isn’t simply an educational field, however a way we live our lives.

Juan Carlos Fernandez:

“Bad design is smoke, while good design is mirror”

Juan Carlos Fernandez

says Juan. This quote indicates that terrible design is deceptive, and obscures reality, at the same time as excellent design is reflective and trustworthy.

Robert L. Peters: L. Peters is a designer actively involved in design training. He says:

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values Determine the future”

Robert L. Peters

This quote puts the belief into a context that design inadvertently shapes the future.

Ralph Caplan: Ralph Caplan is a design consultant, author, and public speaker. He said:

“Thinking about design is hard but not thinking about it can be disastrous”

Ralph Caplan

His quote suggests that design can be a daunting thing, however, it needs to be taken critically, and if it isn’t it will be a real detriment to society.

Now that you’ve read these quotes you know every designer had their own way of thinking about graphic design or design in general and things that keep them motivated and got them to where they are now. We can go on and on through graphic design quotes that encourage us and the list may not ever cease.

There’s a bunch of wisdom and quotes, and it’s always at our fingertips whenever we want to get access to it. But the point is that whether it motivates us to do something or not. Does it make us want to improve, be better in our work and make our brain light with innovative ideas or not? Well, the answer will be yes only if you are passionate about what you are investing your time into.

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