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Graphic Design Styles

Graphic Design Styles

Are you a graphic designer or about to start a graphic design project? Wondering what graphic design style you should opt to go for? This is not a problem at all. There are many graphic design styles and options you can choose to work for. So, let’s take a detailed view of what these styles are?

Types of graphic design styles:

Graphic design comes in a lot of types with several styles Check out the details of these types below. 

1.Victorian graphic design style

If we look at the past of the Victorian style, this style comes from the Victorian British age. Also, that was the time of Queen Elizabeth from 1837-1901. The Victorian-style is especially known for the heavily filled page. You can easily recognize this style from the decorative borders, typography, and images. Also, it includes symmetry and heavy design. This is called Victorian also because the Victorians loved curves and complex objects. 

However, later on, some changes occurred in the Typography. The borders became less decorative but there were still uses of images and designing. The alphabet letters in the Victorian age were curved and turned. Overall, the detailed typography, curved letters, complex imagery, designed borders represent Victorian graphics.

2.Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts graphic design style

    Arts and crafts graphic design style

During 1880 and 1920, the arts and crafts movement took place first in Britain, then in Europe. Also, in 1920, it came to Japan as well. This graphic style was almost simple and covered detailed typography. And, this graphic style was anti-industrial as there was a medieval essence in it. 

The use of arts was done very significantly. So, this arts and crafts graphic style covers the medieval style and a bit of simplicity than a Victorian style. The typography illustration is the same. This is the second most important graphic design style.

3.Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau comes from 1890 to 1920 that took place in the USA. The main factor to notice in this graphic style is a touch of nature in it. Everything that relates to earth comes in this graphic style. For example, you will see greenery, mountains, or flowers in the images. 

Also, these designs look hand-drawn and are a linear base. As women were written as goddesses at that time, you will find female imagery almost in every graphic design. So, overall, this graphic design style covers, linear-based, nature-related imagery with a hand-drawn female figure.

4. Futurism graphics style

 Futurism style graphic designing was not only an art movement but, it is also a social campaign. The movement contained violence, speed, youth, and technology. So, you can say that this movement does not only covers antiquity but modernism as well. Now, if we talk about the graphic design style of futurism, it covers arch and geometric forms with a series of dots. So, Futurism sets a trend for this type of art in the 20th century. And, these painters were quite successful in setting a new trend.  That’s because the evolution of graphic design was set up since then. 

5.Art Deco

As you can get from the name, this graphic design style is all about decorating artistic figures. It includes an airbrushed look, grainy figure, Egyptian zig-zag, and sharp shapes. Also, you can take a clear example from the comic books of today, and some car posters. They are exact examples of Art Deco. The colors used in this graphic design are mostly bright. The forms and figures mostly tend to be unique. 

6. Three-dimensional 

Three-dimensional graphic designing is already trending these days. There is a huge scope of 3D pictures, posters, and even cartoons. That’s because 3D graphics look very much real with lifelike shapes. Also, the designers use the effects of natural lighting in 3D printing and give depth to the picture creating a realistic look. These days, graphic designers are making a good living by designing only 3D prints. This 3D printing is the most common type in graphic designing now. 

Also, every graphic designer has to be a perfect 3D image creator to stay in the market. Now, this 3D graphic design style is used mostly in digital marketing. You will see abstract illustrations with bright colors. They make these illustrations mostly for web designing and landing pages.


In this graphic design style, the designers play with letters and colors. The intention to do typography is to invoke the audience with a certain message using words. Now, it can be of two types; metaphorical and literal. In metaphorical type, words can represent any shape or a picture while conveying the message. However, in the literal type, the designers only play with words. This playing can be with logo designing, packaging, and headings. 

This typography has further different types but, the Swiss-style is the most popular type. Also, this Swiss typography has made a good name and trend in the past as well. 

8.Retro graphic design

The word retro itself describes the Retrospective style. Now, this style covers many other styles from the past. The most common styles that it covers are vintage style or retro style. These styles cover 19th and 20th-century art and graphics. Also, retro includes groovy letters, bumpy stickers, and colorful letters.

 Moreover, these colorful letters can get the style from 80 or 90 centuries. This style is in use for a long time now and still, it is one of the graphic design trends 2020! But, this style is not commonly used for corporate designing. 


Photorealism is one of the most commonly used graphic designing types you see almost daily. Not because everyone uses it, but because many websites have published pictures made with this graphic style. Also, many sites offer copyright-free pictures that graphic designers have uploaded for advertisement. 

This graphic design styles makes pictures that are very close to real ones. Also, most people get confused in recognition of the pictures. These pictures are detailed and have several lines and different colors. But, their ideas are taken from any real object. The graphic designers use this style for the interior designing task, mockups,  CGI motion designing,  and architecture renders. 

So, the mentioned above are the most common and vastly used graphic styles. There are many other styles also but these styles are most commonly known.

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