We live in a consumerist society. With the passage of time and modernization of the world, the competition between similar products has increased massively, so to be in the race to beat others’ product design is an important factor to look out for. The things we need in our daily life are the same but the opportunities and chances to get the hands-on various product in the market are more now. Improved product design can help a lot to make the difference count. There are several similar products for the same use available in the market and product can simply help to distinguish between them.

Many people think that the company name, logo, and advertisement are enough for sales. Yes, this stuff is considered and is the major aspect of your selling strategy; but, they’re unlikely to create a large impact if your product doesn’t sell. To sell your product more effectively, your product must be designed perfectly along with its packaging.

Every product that’s factory made by any organization is supposed to possess a distinguishable physical appearance which must be attractive to the customer and has the characteristic to appeal more than the rival brands in the market. The product design is thought of as a style. Product design, therefore, is all about manufacturing a product that will attract the customer and also provide value for them. Since the look of a product is that the initial impression a client has on the product.

Therefore, it is significantly necessary for organizations to style products that meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. To understand its importance in-depth let’s, look at what Product designing is and what are the steps required for the complete designing of a product.

Advantages of good Product Design:

  1. Improvised product designs aid to give the proper hedge over other companies.
  2. It is also important because it brings together three important issues, the concept, the package, and the process.
  3. Good design makes a business grow by enhancing profitability and turnover because it transforms the needs of customers into the desired shape and value of the product demanded.
  4. It makes life easy and comfortable for the customer by introducing products that are easy to use.
  5. Good product design is important in replacing obsolete designs.

Product Design:

Designing a brand-new product or improvising an already product design is an analytical process. It’s about problem-solving, about visualizing the requirements of the user and bringing an answer. The process of product design takes into consideration the raw material & production cost, the manufacturing processes, and then designing cost as well.

Process of Product Design:

The product’s design process isn’t an easy task to deal with. It may require a lot of understanding of complexities so it is more difficult for non-designers. The product designing’s process is usually divided into many phases or steps which include sketching or making models of  theoretical designs. However, sometimes the product is redesigned from a problem people may experience, so to propose a solution to solve its product design is carried out.

The steps for product designs can change depending on the product, task, team, and company. In general, the process contains 6 steps. The stages of Product Designs are as follows:

  1. Research
  2. Defining the problem & Product Vision
  3. Ideation
  4. Design
  5. Testing and Validating
  6. Launch and Post Launch

Many people consider designing as a simple task like sketching or drawing but it’s field and importance is far broader than they realize. It’s not simply the method of creating a product that looks better.