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what is digital graphic design

What is digital graphic design

What is a digital graphic design? The main difference between graphic design and digital design is that graphic design is mostly static (logos, magazines, pictures, etc.), while digital design involves movement (animations, interactive elements, movies, etc.). The digital design does not only use visual arts but may also include audio and sound effects.

What’s the difference between a Digital Designer and Graphic Designer? It’s a question we’re often asked and delighted to explain. While the fundamental skills and concepts of design are applied within each discipline, sometimes overlapping, the need for traditional graphic designers often lack the digital skills required for jobs that include UX and UI.

Graphic Designers would learn how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign, with a focus on pre-print production, typography, the design of logos, brochures, posters, and images used in web design. They may also be responsible for designing collateral such as brochures, product design, advertising, and merchandise.

A Digital Designer will have the ability to also undertake these tasks and more. This is going to seem obvious now, but Digital Designers are also more… digital. They work on website design, mobile apps, and other online content for a range of industries. Some digital designers will also pick up skills in 3D modeling or 2D animation to further their opportunities and capabilities.

what is digital graphic design
what is a digital graphic design

Digital Designers will also have the skills to create landing pages, develop email marketing collateral, banners, and other online marketing materials, and importantly, also work in languages such as HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript.

Why are there more jobs for Digital Designers than Graphic Designers?

The short answer is that we’ve cemented ourselves as a digital society with high expectations of well-designed and functional content for the end-user. The longer answer is that designing for digital is only a new phenomenon in the past two decades with consumer demand growing tremendously over the past few years.

What are my job prospects with Digital Design?

Interestingly, most jobs we examined for Graphic Designers also included a requirement for skills in Digital Design. On average, Digital Designers are earning 15-20K more per year and higher! There’s also additional room for professional growth with the opportunity to specialize in areas such as User Experience, Front End Development, Web, and/or Email Design.

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