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Interactive design

What is the Interactive design? [Dimension and Benefits]

Interactive design is frequently referred to as the interaction between users and a technology. In terms of technology, interactive design primarily focuses on web content, apps, and software. With the help of interactive design, efficient and optimized products are generated in the most effective ways.

It is designed using the latest technology of Adobe XD, in which the designer uses his magnificent skills to create a spectacular design by using some tools and creative ideas, which also translates to interactive design being a problem solving strategy in design situations. Therefore, all these incredible approaches taken by designers are the best way to build friendly relationships between designer and user.


There are five dimensions in interaction design. These features constitute the pillar of interaction design, which allows you to easily create a stunning design if you really put your mind toward it. These dimensions were first introduced by Gillian Crampton Smith. Kevin Silver introduced the five dimensions. which is very useful in understanding the model of interactive design. The five dimensions are as follows:


Words are the one that comes in 1D dimension. It is the words used in interactions that catch the attention of users; they are often used in titles, labels, and buttons; and these words should be meaningful enough to communicate with the users. so we can say that this is the best way of interaction between developers and users.


These visuals use 2D dimensions to depict elements used in graphic design, including icons, typography, images, and text. These visuals are the best way to provide information to the users in an appealing way.


In this kind of interaction, the user interacts with the product eg. you use your mobile phone, your laptop, your touch screen, you use a laptop or a tablet et cetera, all of this is done by what? The fact that 3D is present in our daily lives and is used in the most simple interaction that we see when a person uses a mobile phone in any place shows the interaction between user and product.


Taking this dimension into account makes it possible to understand all the media that includes sound, videos, animations, and so on. Users can interact with products best through sound effects and motions, and the length of time they remain with products is also measured by that.


What does the behavior involve and how does it relate to the product? Does it just deal with the mechanisms of the product? This considers how the actions are performed to operate the website and product. This includes the emotional response of users as well as the feedback they provide. Thus, by using all of these dimensions in an animation, you are able to create a perfect animation.

Benefits of interactive design

The interactive design offers many benefits, some of which are discussed below

  1. One of the most valuable benefits of interactive design is that it builds communication with users.
  2. IxD will save you time and money once the project is completed and once the customer is happy with the design, you will be able to calculate the exact amount of time and resources needed to complete the project, so in terms of time and money, you will be able to plan accordingly.
  3. You can use a combination of appealing colors and interesting images on the text to help play with the emotional responses of the user. This is a powerful tool to create a sense of calmness and happiness in viewers’ minds.
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